privacy notice jpegThe Constitution of the TAKE NOTE Blackheath Choir
1. Name The choir is known as TAKE NOTE Blackheath (in this constitution called “the Choir”). 2. Objectives of the Choir The objectives of the Choir are: a) to promote & encourage choral singing by members of the local community, b) to rehearse and perform choral music of all kinds, and thus to enhance the well-being of participants through the enjoyment of singing. 3. Powers The Choir may: • receive monies and other forms of assistance to further the aims of the choir; • engage a Musical Director and an accompanist; • book and hire premises; • subscribe to organisations which provide services and facilities to choirs; • take out public liability or other insurance to protect the interests of the Choir; and • undertake any other work to further the aims of the Choir; 4. Membership and Subscriptions a) Membership of the Choir is open to anyone aged at least 16 years. Musical experience is not necessary and auditions will not take place. b) The Committee will decide the amount of the subscription for membership at the end of each term. The subscription will be kept as low as possible and based on the prospective costs of running the Choir. c) Subscriptions for each term are payable at the end of the preceding term. New members joining during a term will pay a subscription pro rata at their second rehearsal. Prospective members may join one rehearsal without payment.   d) The Membership Secretary will keep a record of all members and subscriptions paid. e) Only members who have paid the subscription have a vote at the AGM or other general meetings. 5. The Committee a) The affairs of the Choir are managed by the Committee, subject to the decisions of the Choir at a general meeting. The Committee may exercise the powers of the Choir on its behalf. b) The Committee comprises – Chair,    Membership Secretary,    Treasurer,
Secretary, and    three other members c) The Choir shall appoint the members of the Committee by election at a general meeting. d) A Committee member must be a member of the Choir, shall hold office for one year and is eligible for re-appointment. e)  A Committee member shall cease to hold office if they • cease to be a member of Choir, • resign by giving written notice to the Chair or the Membership Secretary, or • are subject to a vote of no confidence by the Choir at a general meeting. f) If a committee position is vacant, the Choir shall appoint a successor. g) Committee members shall act in the best interests of the Choir and shall consult the Musical Director on musical matters. h) The Committee shall meet at least once a term and at other times when convened by the Chair. i) The Committee shall keep minutes of its proceedings and shall make them available for inspection by any member of the Choir on reasonable notice. 6. Meetings of the Choir a) A general meeting of the Choir must be called by the Committee Chair at the request of the Committee or of at least five members.  At least 14 days notice of the meeting and the agenda shall be given, but notice may be waived if the general meeting agrees. b) The Choir must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the autumn term each year. The Committee Chair will ensure that all Choir members have at least 14 days notice of the meeting and the agenda for the meeting. c) The business of the AGM will include • election of Committee members, • Treasurer’s financial report • Musical Director’s report. d) The quorum for a general meeting including the AGM is 8 members or one quarter of the membership, whichever is greater. e) Decisions at a general meeting shall be taken by simple majority of the members present. 7. Finance a) The income and property of the Choir shall be applied solely for the purposes of the Choir.  b) No member of the Choir or the Committee may receive any financial benefit from the Choir’s funds, but a member who spends money on behalf of the Choir with the agreement
of the Committee will be reimbursed from the Choir’s funds. c) The Choir will have a bank account in its name, managed by the Committee. All subscriptions and other monies will be paid into that account. All payments from the account must be approved by the Committee.  Two signatures will be required for any cheque. d) The Choir’s financial year will run from 1st September to 31st August. e) The Treasurer shall maintain accounts of income and expenditure, and assets and liabilities of the Choir, and shall make them available for inspection by any member of the Choir on reasonable notice. f) The Treasurer will make a financial report to the Choir at each AGM. The report will include the accounts for the preceding year audited by a person chosen by the Committee but not a member of the Committee. 8. Interpretation of this Constitution The Committee, whose decision shall be final, shall determine any question arising as to the meaning of this Constitution or as to any matter not specifically provided for herein. 9. Changes to the Constitution a) Changes to this constitution may be made by a two-thirds majority of members present and entitled to vote at an AGM or at a general meeting called specifically for the purpose. No changes can be made to the winding up procedure set out in clause 10. b) A proposal to change any other part of this constitution must be made in writing to the Committee Chair by at least five members of the Choir, and the Committee Chair must then call a general meeting. 10. Winding Up a) The Choir may only be wound up by a vote at a general meeting of the Choir held in accordance with clause 6. b) In the event of the Choir being wound up, any assets remaining after the payment of debts and liabilities will be transferred to a not-for-profit organisation with similar musical objectives.  The choice of organisation shall be decided by the members of the Choir entitled to vote at a general meeting. No remaining assets will be distributed to members.
This constitution was agreed and adopted at a meeting of the Choir on 11 July 2016.  Clause 10 was amended at the Annual General meeting of the Choir on 9 October 2017